Buchenwald im Nebel - beech forest in fog 10

The beech wood supplies far more energy than it requires for its production.

Beech wood comes a long way from the forest to the finished furniture item. Wood embodies a human personality. It ages attractively, it has character. This material personifies tradition, experience and warmth. However much mechanical processing shaped wood is subjected to, it never loses its craftsmanship attitude.

One of the essential requirements of a well-informed company is that products are not only inspected for material characteristics and their suitability for production, but also their ecobalance.

When summarizing all of the individual effects, it is best to begin in the forest. There, the beech has been growing for around 120 years until is it ready to be cut down. After being cut down in the local forest, the short transport route to the factory and steaming, the trunk is peeled. The remnants, whether they are ends of trunks or remaining rolls, are processed into plywood board, so that they are also used.

After pressing, the blanks are edged. The wood waste ends up in the company’s heating plant and results in significant savings in primary energy sources. A very important thing is that the carbon dioxide integration is retained during use.

Through the subsequent energy recycling, it is converted into heat and electricity in a CO2-neutral manner. The cycle is completed. This way, the shape wood achieves an unlimited, positive ecobalance and thereby differences fundamentally from plastics.