ATIYA trays are individually crafted in the heart of Transylvania from the finest Romanian Beech wood and therefore the quality can be easily controlled.

We have a broad range of shapes and sizes that you can choose from. If you do not find the right shape for you, you will always have the possibility to create an entire new type of tray.

The minimum order quantity is 50 pcs / shape & size. Our time for delivery is approximately 5 weeks from the order date for 1000 pieces, for the existing shapes & sizes.

Tray production

information about product categories, veneer types and finishing options


ATIYA Trays regards itself
as a partner for design.

In close cooperation with designers, many novel prototypes can be created by our technical department.

Custom decor

Custom decor

Both paper and fabric can be used to personalize the trays (with different decors, pictures, art images and logos).

Front & back sides decoration.



High quality products that offer elegance and personality
to every occasion.
These trays can be used as fruit bowls or to carry food and drinks from the kitchen/bar to the table.


information about our standard shapes & sizes for trays and flat parts


information about our products range and production possibilities

Samples Catalogue

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